Solterra Group – Alliance Heat Pumps

Solterra offers a variety of heat pump solutions that covers residential and commercial applications including swimming pool applications.

With heat pumps you can expect:

  • Reducing heating costs by up to 30%
  • Constantly able to heat water (depending on desired settings)
  • Heat pumps are suggested where solar geysers cannot be installed, (ideal for top-up heating in excess of 500 L of water)
  • No panels or breakable glass needed
  • Easy installation, remote controlled and environmentally friendly

Heat Pump Info

Alliance Residential Water Heating Systems

Alliance heat pumps extract ambient heat from the atmosphere, transferring it into water – much on the same principle as an air conditioner. However, Alliance heat pumps uses only 1 KW of electrical energy to heat 3 KW of heat energy in water, saving two-thirds of heating cost, compared with normal geysers that transfer 1 KW of electrical energy to 1 KW heat energy for water.

For residential use, Alliance heat pumps are best suited to heat up from 500 liters of water or more comfortably, a smaller tank can be considered (depending on circumstances) but must be financially viable and the quality of the water must be good or excellent.

Dirty water can cause serious problems for a heat pump and can invalidate the warranty on some heat pumps. For commercial use, up to 16 heat pump units can be linked together to supply 10,000 liters of hot water per hour. Residential and commercial heat pumps are remote controlled, which adjusts water temperatures and heating periods to meet demands.

There are more advantages of using the Alliance heat pumps, including:

  • They are environmentally friendly, reducing the load on Eskom and have the ability to use eco-friendly R410A gas.
  • They are easy to install and can be retrofitted to existing water heating systems.

Alliance Pool Heating Solutions:

Heat pumps are cost effective in pool heating solutions as they do not have an in-built element. The heat pump works by compressing eco-friendly R410A gas in a closed circuit, which heats the gas, transferring the heat to the pool water through a heat exchanger.

The gas then passes through an evaporator becoming extremely cold while a fan blows air over the piping. The cold gas absorbs heat from ambient air which is transferred back in to the pool and so forth.

Advantages of using a heat pump pool solution include:

  • User friendly controls
  • Automatic start-up and shutdown set by the user
  • Operates in all weathers
  • Built-in defrosting protection
  • Titanium Heat exchanger, with advanced corrosion resistance
  • Eco-friendly R410A gas

Alliance – Integrated systems

Advantages of Alliance – Integrated systems are:

  • Compact with quick and easy installation, without complicated plumbing work involved.
  • Can be installed anywhere, for instance on balconies, under carports and so forth due to the inlet/outlet vents to allow external ducting.
  • Operable in extreme temperatures between -20º C and 43º C.
  • Can heat water up to 60ºC, which rises to 65ºC during the automatic weekly disinfection by the system to kill harmful microbes.
  • Intelligent Control with 6 timer settings allows the Alliance combo unit to meet client’s requirement.
  • Vacation setting available to ensure energy savings during away times.
  • Additional features including auto-start, auto-defrosting, overload protection and temperature control.

Alliance – Commercial Water Heating Solutions

The benefits of Alliance – Commercial Water Heating systems include:

  • Two-third saving on water heating cost
  • Use of electric expansion valve supplying controlled water temperature expanding life-expectancy of compressor
  • Best solution for hotels, guesthouses, bed & breakfasts, universities, factories and offices.
  • Allows up to 16 Alliance units to be linked together to supply 10,000 liters of hot water per hour.
  • Water adjustable from 40ºC to 60ºC
  • Touch key controller with 3 timer setting periods and battery back-up which can be mounted up to 20 meters from the heat pump.
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