How solar solutions save money and the environment?

Solar energy is naturally free...

Eskom’s Increasing Electricity Tariffs Soon by 19.9% – (Avoid this by calling us today!)

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Eskom has confirmed that the board approved a draft revenue application for national energy regulator Nersa’s approval for increased electricity tariffs after a leaked document showed it wants clients to pay 19.9% more from April 1 2018. “The previous multi-year decision made by Nersa for the period 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2018 comes […]

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WORLDS FIRST non-chemical solar battery | Independent, 24-hour powered battery & energy storage. Solar Storage For: Micro-grids | Commercial & Industrial, Agricultural & Residential Solar | Electric Vehicles | Utility Grade Storage Solar Battery technology that offers 1 million cycles at 100% depth of discharge (DOD) and that charges up to capacity in less than […]

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Your Carbon Footprint

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Approximately 95% of Eskom’s generation capacity is from coal which contributes significantly to making South Africa one of the top 10 emitters in the world, and increases Carbon Footprint. The fundamental problem from a carbon perspective is that coal is not only a cheap form of energy, but South Africa does not have many alternative traditional fuel sources. […]

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Solterra Solar becomes a Group Powerhouse

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Solterra Solar has recently become a ‘Solar Powerhouse’ in South Africa. We are proud to be a direct partner with RS Energy, Energyneering (Schneider Electronics), TI 1 Solar and have recently acquired Enerjetic Nobel Systems. Solterra consult and operate collectively as one powerful ‘group partnership’. As a Group we’re able to offer exceptionally great value, […]

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How to reduce electricity costs

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Heating water is the most energy intensive appliance in the home and it is also the most expensive to run. However installing an efficient, appropriately sized that solar geyser can replace up to 100% of the electricity used to heat water. With potential savings of between 40-60%, solar water heating should be considered as one [...]

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How much electricity is used in heating water?

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The amount of electricity consumed in heating water is fundamental to understanding the overall financial equation. The simple formula is to take the volume of water to be heated, the temperature of the water when cold and when hot, called here the ‘temperature differential’, and the amount of power used to heat the volume by the […]

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Understanding solar water heating systems

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All solar water heaters do the same thing. They collect heat from sunlight and irradiation through the solar collector panels and transfer that heat to water which is then stored in a vessel (the geyser or tank). The solar collector panel is generally a flat plate collector or an evacuated tube collector. More basic systems may […]

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