Solar Power Solutions – (Photo-voltaic)

Solterra Cape Town offers a wide range of bespoke ‘Solar Power / Photovoltaic Solutions’ which are individually tailored for your residential or commercial needs. We are the only Brand in South Africa that offer a ‘post & pre’ efficiency report which incorporates Weather Data.

Our solutions are cost-effective and very energy efficient. Our Group Partnership and resources position us best in the market and we only supply and install World-class Products and premium components which we import from global leaders in the Solar & Renewable Energy industry. Some include but not limited to Canadian Solar, Germany’s SMA Solar Technology, Greece assembles our Thermal Panels and Holland’s Victron Inverter for Solar Energy Solutions.

We design customized sustainable solutions that best fits your needs and requirements, giving you:

  • Cost savings
  • Backup power & surplus recovery
  • Complete energy independence at various levels based on your needs and budget.

Solterra also gives customers access to remote monitoring technology that helps you monitor and manage your (PV) system with total peace of mind while we focus on increasing system efficiency and eliminating unnecessary call out fees.

Solterra offers the following solutions which we design and implement:

Solar Energy Solutions – (PV Information)

Solterra only supplies and installs Solar Power Solutions that consist of the ‘best in class’ components and products in conjunction with Specialist Technical expertise. The staff compliment within our Group Partnership consist of qualified Water-smiths, Engineers, Technicians and world-class Specialists within our industry.

We only outsource certain tasks to experienced installers who are qualified within the Solar & Renewable Energy industry to ensure top quality installations are carried out and commissioned.

An explanation of the 4 different types of Photo-voltaic (PV) Systems we offer:

Smart Grid Systems:

Unlike typical grid connected PV systems that feed power into an electrical grid and may feed excess power back to the utilities, smart grid systems are designed for optimizing self-consumption without any grid feedback.

This process is achieved by obtaining daily weather forecasts and shifting manageable loads to matching generation times. In addition to load management, this system has the ability to throttle back the inverter’s generation to prevent feedback of excess power to the national grid.

These systems have online monitoring capabilities but do require a dedicated internet connection point, for daily weather forecasts as well as reporting. As these systems do not require any batteries, the required maintenance efforts are negligible.

Smart Grid PV Systems do not offer backup in case of grid failure. Smart Grid Systems can be expanded into Hub2 Hybrid Systems at a later stage.

Hub2 Hybrid Systems:

Hub2 Hybrid Systems are used for maximizing self-consumption with a grid presence. This system combines weather prediction & data, load optimization & feedback prevention features unique to Smart Grid Systems with surplus energy recovery of the hub2 island systems.

This system will run a residence “off-grid” or on “1A power assist” during the night, discharging the batteries to a predetermined level. Once the predetermined state of charge is reached the island inverter will go back to full grid support, but instead of charging the batteries, will wait for “surplus” power the following day before the batteries are charged up.

Unlike Grid-Tied systems, the Hub2 Hybrid system autonomously switches to island operation in cases of grid power failure, which means that your green power will be available even during power outages.

The cyclic batteries will give you up to 15 years of surplus recovery while enjoying the benefits of backup for essential appliances.

Combination Multi Hybrid Systems:

Combination systems are made up of more than one type of system. The solo grid component may not be installed in hybrid configuration as it would overload the charger of the hybrid inverter, but should be installed on the input side of the hybrid inverter to switch off during a power outage.

Combination systems would only be considered in special circumstances and should be considered carefully as it may limit the opportunity for future growth.

Island Systems:

Typically where no electricity is available, Island systems are advised, which allow for a normal life style without a grid connection. These systems are also called “off-grid”, although top end inverters can utilize grid/generator power for back-up. Under adverse weather conditions and at night, the system supplies power from batteries.

High quality components have been carefully chosen to ensure that the Solterra Island System achieves a long service life despite daily usage of its batteries. High quality inverters ensure that the power generated by the Island system is more stable than that of generators, UPS’s and even the national grid, allowing for longer service lives of your appliances.

Island Systems configuration allows for single or three-phase power supply. Expanding an Island System can be done in modular fashion and does not require you to discard equipment originally installed.

Additional inverters are simply added and configured in order to accommodate the operation of multiple inverters on a single or three phase power line.

Decentralized Island systems:

Decentralized island systems rely on both alternative and fossil fuel energy systems to ensure a stable grid. Here the systems include Solar DC, grid systems, Wind DC & Grid systems, Island inverters, generators, and/or limited grid power. Generator and grid power kick-in when the alternate power supply are not supplying demand.

This system is favored by lodges and others in the leisure industry where the different systems ensure a stable power supply from multiple sources, with preference to using alternate systems first.

Home Management Systems:

Home management systems is offered by Solterra as a standard in all systems offered. Home management systems have Bluetooth and remote access technology that provide additional information to the client.

It also gives remote access to Solterra for troubleshooting system faults like power surges, usage patterns, and so forth – eliminating unnecessary call-out fees.

The “Sunny Home Manager” monitors home energy flows, analyzes and identifies potential savings and improves solar power efficiency. It compiles information from all sources accessible by the home manager from the PV system, internet weather forecasts and household energy consumption metrics.

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  • Hybrid pv solution with underfloor heating and a 200L solar geyser working perfectly.. Clients are #savingmoney every month. Well done #solterracapetown installations team.