Electronic Energy Audits & Services

Our Unique Energy Audits


Solterra Cape Town’s ‘Energy Audits’ (EA) are vital to customers who require a better understanding of their existing Energy Consumption patterns and usage with the aim to identify where costs can be saved.

Energy audits help to identify high energy consuming appliances, poor energy patterns and behavior which are then corrected. (There is a once-off cost for the Energy Audit which is fully refundable upon acceptance of the quote, CLICK HERE to see pricing.)

Energy Audits are conducted in order to best size and design a customized PV System to meet any client’s energy requirements and build adequate systems accordingly. We are the only Brand that incorporate local Weather Data into the configuration and design of all our PV systems.


Energy Audit Info


Solterra & Sustainable Energy CT leads are connected to distribution boards, (DB boards) to help us track and monitor energy usage levels and patterns. We log data from every individual circuit breaker in your DB board.

This involves keeping our specially designed Data loggers connected to your DB board for a 2 week period to capture electrical data profiles. Once the 2 weeks have past, we extrapolate the raw data and use our technical software and other resources in order to generate 2 different reports.

When we have satisfied our system requirements, these include your current  geographical rates, roof pith angles and other technical data, we then arrange an appointment with you in order to present both reports, (your Efficiency Report & PV Quote).

The efficiency Report takes first priority as it compares both the “post & pre efficiency” outcomes, after this we discuss the PV options available within your quote in more detail. Solterra will then further tweak the Efficiency Data to customize exactly what our client requires and is happy to proceed with.


For more energy logger photos – CLICK HERE


Example of Logger Data – (this is only 1 circuit breakers data)

Our Services also include:

Project Management


We believe that our clients require a simple outcome with improved efficiency that does not add unnecessary risks or costs. With this in mind we design energy solutions that are customised to our clients’ specific needs and combine tested technologies with long-term warranties and full financing options. Our range of Project Management services includes:

  • Full residential or commercial needs assessment to determine savings potential;
  • Expert advice on technology selection based on needs;
  • Development of tailored warranty and service plans to manage performance risk and ensure a sustainable benefit;
  • Financing of the solution based on client requirements.
  • Full management and implementation of large and small scale projects.

System Design Services

  • Grid Tie (PV Solar + Grid Tie Inverter)
  • Hybrid (PV Solar, ESKOM, Generator, Battery)
  • Mini-Grid Systems (Same as Hybrid but Grid Independent)
  • Island Systems (PV Solar – 100% off grid & totally independent)
  • Integrating Sub-systems (Customised to Client’s specific requirements)

Project Costing & Estimation Services

Quality Management

  • End-to-end quality management on service and products during construction of a project with quality check reports
  • Reliable and sustainable execution of projects

Plant Commissioning

  • Commissioning of projects including performance evaluation according to best practices
  • Documentation of commissioning based on our Commissioning Protocol…
    How this benefits you:

    • Reliable measurements taken with modern, accurate and regularly calibrated equipment
    • Detailed check of the components and installation
    • Handover of a secure plant conforming to local and global standards

Execution Planning

  • Customised design and execution planning of projects by professional systems, qualified staff and Partnerships from Energyneering, Henco and Enerjetic Systems
    How this benefits you:

    • Comprehensive assumption of project management including all management activities associated with engineering, procurement and construction.
    • Identify risks and resolve issues relating to deliverables, schedule, budget, etc.
    • Ensuring a smooth project hand-over

Site Evaluation & Yield Analysis

  • Detailed analysis of project site by conducting on-site assessment and evaluation
  • Simulation of project performance, (if required)
  • Energy needs, project and system evaluation services
    How this benefits you:

    • Banking on reliability & quality
    • Technical due-diligence, industry knowledge and expertise
    • Reliable calculation of the operating efficiency, performance ratio and expected yield of the site or property
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