For residential homes, apartment complexes and condominiums, load shedding is an unpleasant fact South Africans cannot escape. Rising electricity costs are driving homeowners to look beyond expensive generators for long-term solutions to overcome the energy crisis, simply because living without electricity is not a viable option.

Fortunately, solar energy is always available, renewable and free to harness and is the answer to your problem.

At Solterra Cape Town, we offer a range of Energy Efficient Solutions that include the following:

  • Heat pumps
  • Pool heating
  • Energy audits
  • Smart LED lighting
  • Underfloor heating
  • Solar water geysers
  • PV – Photo-voltaic systems
  • Gas & Instant water heating

Our custom engineered solutions have helped our clients drastically cut down on costs while enjoying uninterrupted power supply even during load shedding.

Curious to find out how you can reduce energy consumption and save costs? Request a free consultation to see how you can save.

Why solar power?

In most households, the water geyser is the culprit that accounts for a major part of the electricity bill. Installing a solar water geyser along with LED lighting and a solar photo-voltaic system, can reduce costs drastically and increase long-term savings, all at a low investment. In Cape Town, solar geysers can save a family of four up to R680 per month.

Depending on the size of your house and type of solar energy system required, you can enjoy up to 60% savings per month with solar geysers and up to 93% savings of your bills on solar electricity (PV) from day one.

Your benefits of going solar:

  • Value addition to your property
  • Savings from day one of installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Peace of mind – (no increased bills)
  • Less reliance on national power grid
  • Generate your own electricity
  • Recover cost of installation in three years
  • SSEG registration – (this allows you to sell your excess or unused electricity back into the grid and get paid up to 70c per KW/h)

After conducting an energy audit and identifying your unique needs, we will recommend the ideal configuration to optimise savings.

For a free quote and consultation, contact us today.

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  • Hybrid pv solution with underfloor heating and a 200L solar geyser working perfectly.. Clients are #savingmoney every month. Well done #solterracapetown installations team.