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We service a number of industries, providing our clients with green energy solutions. Take a look at the different industries we’ve worked in and click on the relevant links to view our completed projects for that specific industry.


For residential homes, apartment complexes and condominiums, load shedding is an unpleasant fact South Africans cannot escape. Rising electricity costs are driving homeowners to look beyond expensive generators for long-term solutions to overcome the energy crisis, simply because living without electricity is not a viable option. Click here to take a look at some of our completed residential projects.


For almost every business, the number 1 concern is rising energy costs and interruption of power supply. In a competitive market environment, no business can afford down time. Generators may offer a solution, but that cuts heavily into business profits. View some of our commercial project portfolio by following this link.


Whether you are in the farming business or in the industrial sector running a manufacturing unit or factory, one of your biggest expenses is probably operating costs related to power and maintenance. If you are wondering how to tackle this cost issue, the best way is to go green and become self-reliant by harnessing the power of the sun. See how we’ve helped industrial clients cut their energy costs.


The hospitality industry is unique, unlike the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Guests are on the premises around the clock and the management cannot afford to compromise on guest experience. As a result, there is heavy reliance on technology in addition to fossil fuel consumption. Here is how we’ve assisted businesses in the hospitality industry with green energy.


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  • Hybrid pv solution with underfloor heating and a 200L solar geyser working perfectly.. Clients are #savingmoney every month. Well done #solterracapetown installations team.