Industrial Solar Solutions

Whether you are in the farming business or in the industrial sector running a manufacturing unit or factory, one of your biggest expenses will be operating costs related to electricity and maintenance.

If you are wondering how to tackle this cost issue, the best way is to go green and become self-reliant by investigating how Solterra solar power solutions harness the power of the sun, we create a win-win situation for all our clients.

Solterra Cape Town’s professional solar solutions and solar panels offer customized solar power solutions that will not only reduce costs, but also be virtually maintenance free whatever your requirements.

To see how you can achieve this, call us for a free quote.

Our services include an energy audit, designing & engineering as well as installation of solar power systems. We 1st evaluate your electricity consumption profile, thereby ensuring a seamless power supply even when there is load shedding or supply interruption like maintenance.

Depending on your unique requirements, we can explore the inclusion of battery backup, storage and generators.

Manufacturing, Farming or Factory – what are your benefits when you switch to solar power?

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Greener, cleaner farming
  • An edge over your competition
  • Energy saving
  • Lower electricity costs
  • Long term sustainability
  • Generate your own power
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Independence from the national electricity grid
  • Eligibility for tax incentives over investment in machinery

We have resolved significant power related issues for various game lodges, farms, businesses, hotels, commercial and residential sectors and where engineering tailored solutions are concerned, we have partnered with top experts in Energyneering (Schneider Electronics).

To learn how you can reduce energy costs with Solterra Cape Town’s industrial solar power solutions, request a free consultation today.

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  • Hybrid pv solution with underfloor heating and a 200L solar geyser working perfectly.. Clients are #savingmoney every month. Well done #solterracapetown installations team.