The hospitality industry is unique, unlike the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Guests are on the premises around the clock and the management cannot afford to compromise on guest experience. As a result, there is heavy reliance on technology in addition to fossil fuel consumption.

Another issue is the emission of diesel exhaust fumes from the consumption of fuel. Unlike other commercial buildings, electricity costs are a major part of the operating costs in the hospitality sector. Air-conditioners, indoor and outdoor lighting, often run continuously, escalating utility bills.

Today, the trend is towards guests becoming increasingly conscious about checking into “green” hotels.

In this scenario, solar power is the best green energy solution.

With Solterra Cape Town’s custom solar power solutions, you can enjoy the significantly lower electricity consumption, reducing your utility costs. Other major benefits are:

  • Cost savings, with energy costs fixed for the next 25 years, which means better return on investment for the business
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Ensuring guests are not inconvenienced by load shedding
  • Guests are kept comfortable even during load shedding
  • Easier maintenance
  • Well-being of customers and employees
  • Higher awareness in guests about environmental policies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility compliance
  • Sustainable business operations, with smaller carbon footprint and lower environmental impact
  • Better business opportunities to host green seminars and events
  • Attract more customers
  • Solar energy can power lighting, computer systems, air conditioning or state-of-the-art equipment efficiently.

To see how you can save on your energy bills, call us for a free consultation.

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