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Solterra Cape Town offers a wide range of solar powered solutions through our bespoke and professionally designed systems. All our solar powered solutions are individually engineered and installed according to your specific requirements. We are a National Brand and our systems are backed by exceptional service with the aim in reducing monthly electricity costs and improving your properties efficiency rating.

We offer the following solutions:

  • Various solar powered solutions that are based on your individual budget and the level of grid-independence you choose.
  • Solar power or (PV) systems, solar water heating, heat pumps, solar geyser options with a 5 year warranty, and smart LED lighting solutions.
  • Solar systems offering maximum energy efficiency and return on investment for all sectors in the market, these systems are designed with the latest technology and products on the market.
  • Sustainable solutions that meet your needs and requirements including but not limited to: cost saving, backup power or complete energy independence.
  • Remote access technology that enables you to monitor, manage and service your system. This offers additional peace of mind, increased efficiency and further cost savings.

As a trusted national brand and supplier, Solterra are responsible for significantly reducing monthly costs for various Game Reserves / Lodges such as the Jock Safari Lodge, (Kruger National Park) and Nelana Lodge, (Sanbona). We also service various hotels, residential homes, commercial establishments and agricultural farms.

Interested in exploring how you can save costs and reduce energy bills? Call us for a free consultation.

Our value proposition

South Africa has one of the world’s highest levels of solar radiation and ultraviolet levels. Solterra Cape Town’s solutions are designed to harness the maximum amount of solar energy possible incorporating local weather data which is significant in producing accurate results and best return on your investment. We only use the ‘highest efficiency’ rated products in our solutions, this combination is the most effective in reducing the actual amount of electricity you need from Eskom.

Our goal is to reduce your current energy bills in the most Eco-friendly way possible. As an experienced and reputable Supplier and Installer in any industry that we have worked in, we utilize our combined specialist knowledge, expert Partner expertise and focus on reducing your carbon footprint whilst preserving as much of the existing environment as possible, Solterra is also the only Brand that will guarantee the maximum savings we present to our clients from our unique electronic Energy Audits.

We offer complete turnkey operation with no disruption to your business, with customised solutions tailored to your requirements. We also offer options to pair solar (PV) with other fantastic energy efficient solutions.

Briefing you on some important facts:

Our solar power solutions offer some of the highest efficiency ratings and ROI in the market today. We supply and install various solar solutions in Cape Town and most of the Western Cape. Kindly contact us to discuss coverage in any other province in South Africa.

Solar energy solutions and smart LED lighting products very often result in creating up to a 93 % savings on your current electricity bills. We are the only brand in South Africa that incorporates Local Weather Data into our Energy Audits which significantly impact the final outcome.

Our clients benefit the most since they have access to some of the most efficient solutions working for them throughout the year. A typical lifespan for decent quality panels is 22 years.

Based on our unique Electronic Energy Audits, we are able to analyze exactly how much electricity every single circuit breaker within your DB board uses, we can then see which lines are responsible for their portion of your total monthly Eskom bill.

Based on our technical and informative reports presented to you, we tweak and custom design the most effective solar solution for our customers, Solterra Cape Town can also guarantees the reports result including but not limited to the following: (depending on the type of client)

  • Bill reduction
  • Back up only option
  • Battery backup & surplus recovery – (should you require an ESS, Hybrid or Island solution)
  • Super Caps – (super cap battery technology – 1st of its kind in the world)
  • Comparative Quote – (3 options you can choose from)
  • Complete Autonomy
  • Grid independence

Your monthly savings illustrated on our reports could easily pay for itself should you prefer a finance option from 1 to 10 years, (finance options are only available for business owners and commercial businesses until further notice.)

Your return on investment (ROI) will far out perform the initial setup and installation cost, after that the sun is FREE and your energy costs will be  significantly reduced so you can finally be in control and not reliant on Eskom.

All custom solutions are specifically tailored to meet individual client needs, we also offer professional counsel and our aim is to recommend solar solutions that reduce your monthly energy cost and improve your lifestyle.

To see how you can save costs, please request a free consultation.

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  • Hybrid pv solution with underfloor heating and a 200L solar geyser working perfectly.. Clients are #savingmoney every month. Well done #solterracapetown installations team.

SESSA certified

Solterra Cape Town is registered with the Sustainable Energy Association of South Africa (SESSA). SESSA and its members are dedicated to the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency including all solar-based energies.
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